Dragon Ball Super prepares a true sequel to Goku and tells you who he is

Dragon Ball has been run by Goku at a supermarket at the level of the gods since he trained with Master Roshi when he was young. And while there are some characters that can star as the Guardians of the Earth, the end of Moroark revealed who it is.

The young Saiyan was like one of those days when Akira Toriyama tried to bring Goku's post to Gohan even after Selsaga: he was the most powerful in the galaxy after defeating a powerful bio-android. .. It surpasses two purebred Saiyans, such as his father and Prince Vegeta. However, the "teacher" did not expect anything. Fans did not accept this change, and the protagonist literally returned from the world of the dead and took a position that no one else could.

This time, Toriyama himself and Toriyama decide to pursue one character rather than the original, claiming to be the guardian of the future Earth. Who is it about? Not more or less than Uub. This child is the reincarnation of Majin Buu, and was born thanks to Goku's wish that this villain would be reborn as a "good man." What the Great Enma has accomplished.

I first saw Uub in the postscript of Dragon Ball Z, 10 years after the little pink devil was defeated. The boy came to the 28th Martial Arts Convention in hopes of winning a monetary award to help his village, a place of poverty. When Goku finds out who he really is, he becomes a teacher and goes to training with him. His preparation as a warrior culminates in Dragon Ball GT. There he becomes much stronger with Majin Buu and helps the Z Warrior with the threat that plagues the Earth. The latter is, of course, not a canon.

Toei Animation

In Dragon Ball Super, the boy first appeared in the cartoon during Universal Survival Ark when Dende and Goku of God's Palace felt his mighty spirit on Earth. But at the end of the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Ark, Uub was more important as he appeared with the boy as Goku gathered energy through Vegeta to defeat the holy Caio-sama Moro. So you can donate your power. To the cause.

It was also revealed that Uub possesses the magic and divine power of the King of the Holy World, which Majin Buu received millions of years ago. It is this sacred energy that Goku needs to reach its limits and unleash a new transformation compared to Naruto's Susanoo, which kills Moro altogether.

This sacred power, combined with the magical power he inherited from Kid Buu, was able to help the boy undergo his own transformation. And do you achieve super instinct? Sunny. This is not a technique specific to Saiyan varieties, but anyone with proper training can achieve it. However, it is difficult for anyone to learn. Vegeta couldn't do it, he didn't work hard, and Beers was in trouble, but if Uub had Goku as his master, he would surely be able to join him a few years later, as taught by the hero.

Toei Animation

Of course, so far, Goku doesn't want to put the fight aside. However, the re-appearance of Uub and the great maneuverability given to him in the cartoons emphasized the potential of his enormous battle from the beginning, when the protagonist began to grow older, or left the earth to become a god. Raise your hand to be considered when. Goku has always been a dragon ball, but when Toyotarou and Toriyama start a generational change, Uub will undoubtedly be the main candidate for a new hero in this story.

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