Dragon Ball: Goku Xeno is a cannon?

Goku Xeno is a character who appears in Dragon Ball Heroes. Its essence is practically that of the Goku we know. His costume is similar, as is the level of proficiency, and the only thing that changes a little is the shape of the costume and who can be considered a slightly more mature being.

It appears in an alternate timeline, but in the same continuity. In this parallel universe, you have responsibilities closer to divinity and control of the universes. In fact, he's an ally of Time Patrol.

When we see him drawn in Dragon Ball Heroes and describe his clothing in detail, we find that there are a lot of original Goku, but it's not the same, so let's go to parts.

He's wearing a black suit below. While the distinctive reds and blues of the Roshi student have them on top in a different clothing design. The dojo insignia he was always with also appear on the left.

In addition, this Goku Xeno has an element that was born from the essence of the little one that we met during his training at Kame House: the holy staff. Over the years and the various trainings the original universe Goku went through, he never needed a weapon again.

Finally, it should be noted that he always carries a bag in which to keep the popular and recognized hermit seeds. Their purpose is to use or offer them when needed.

His transformations include those of the base Super Saiyan, 2 and 3. But this character has also lived through the events of Dragon Ball GT and will also become the 4 that only appears in this non-canonical arc. And then he has another transformation that is like a combination between the 4 and the Super Saiyan God.

While there are all these similarities and references to the Goku that we know and that have brought us so much emotion throughout its history, this Goku Xeno is not part of the Canon. The reason is simple: it wasn't created by Akira Toriyama, so it doesn't get this number. Goku Xeno is simply an interesting creation by Toei Animation and Bandai Namco to promote the video game it is from.

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